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Bermuda World Wide Contest 1998

In October 1998 I was invited to Bermuda Islands by Mr. David Dodwell, the Minister of Tourism & Marine Services of Bermuda Islands as a honorary guest and World Wide winner in the “40th Anniversary Bermuda World Wide Contest”.

At Bermuda International Airport I was met by Tony VP9LR, whom I had repeatedly met in air before. Upon arrival in Palmetto Bay Hotel we stretched a 3-band dipole antenna between two palm-trees and after that my call-sign is VP9/US1IDX sounded in the air.

After a few days together with Mike VP9KK, we have arranged a small expedition (call sign VP9/US1IDX/m) by car on rare districts of Bermuda Islands to give our colleagues a possibility to meet requirements of "Bermuda award", together with Mike VP9KK we travelled through 7 from 9 districts of Bermuda Islands, and I was very pleased to hear again my good old friends Garry VE3XN, Sam LY5W, Nick ER0F, Ed UT2IY etc..

Expedition was just great, I 'll never forget a high-speed operation while our car flew like a hawk over meandering roads of Bermuda Islands. Few days later I had an unforgetable party with bermudian radioamateurs during the Annual Banquet in Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. After the banquet the winners were awarded.

I was presented the World Cup for the 1st place in "40th Anniversary of Bermuda World Wide Contest" by the Minister of Tourism & Marine Services of Bermuda Islands Mr. David Dodwell.

And the words of Tony VP9LR - Contest Manager: "As a result of refereeing of the contest you have won the first place carried out 1557 communicaitons which sumed up to 35,5 million points. Separately I'd like to add that this result is the biggest achievement for all 40-years history of Bermuda contest" are still in my ears.

Greetings from Mr. David Dodwell,

the Minister of Tourism & Marine Services of Bermuda Islands

First among Bermuda amateurs was, traditionally, Glen Cuoco VP9ID, the winner among Americans was Bob Ross W1HJT.

Igor VP9/US1IDX, operation from another side of the globe

On the last day, while leaving the hospitable house of Tony VP9LR and on my way to Bermuda International Airport I went on air with call-sign VP9/US1IDX/m and during 20 minutes held more 100 communications (5 communications per a minute!). When we arrived to the airport I still couldn't leave this high speed operation…I had to stop when the boarding was announced. Flying like a bird, I took the plane which soon set his course to London...

Of course, this time, as always, I enjoyed the Bermuda sun, sky-blue water and white-sand beachs. I hope you will be amused by these pictures. .....

Very 73 and Good DX!

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